Project Leadership Retreat

Our Project Leadership Retreat is a unique opportunity for project managers who are ready to take a quantum leap in their leadership development.

This intensive 5-day event offers the opportunity to reflect, connect and transform. Together, we create a supportive environment and take a deep dive into your personal and professional journey. As a result you come to see your leadership in a new light. You gain a clear understanding of what your vision is for the future and a roadmap for overcoming your most challenging leadership situations.


During the retreat you will come to understand how you can more effectively lead a group and what it takes to create a high performing team. You will be given the opportunity to practice the art of coaching and how to build trust with demanding stakeholders. Giving and receive feedback from fellow participants in an important element in helping you progress as we experiment with different ways of handing challenging leadership situations. 


What makes the programme so powerful is our practical and multi-layered approach. We help you overcome your leadership challenges by working with your behaviours and underlying beliefs. This is not a theoretical programme but a practical experience. We draw upon story telling, NLP, experiential learning, reflective exercises, theory and peer learning.


If you would like to start a conversation about how we can make the retreat work for you and your organisation, please contact The Project Leadership Institute on or call + 31 33 472 0073.